We are the change



Simply, we are the Marie Kondo of building. We believe that less is more. And that less is the luxury of simplicity.

Our best practice principles starts with our big picture over sight to ensure your home provides holistic living, a sense of wellbeing, that it is elegant and responsive to its environment. We do not buy into trends, our approach focuses on the actual home, the built fabric that is designed to be timeless and functional, and constructed to endure, down to the finest detail.

We know that the industry is not meeting the market.

Choices to build better are limited.

We give you choices.

We are conscious builders that build for a sustainable future.

Why? Because we know how to and that is what we do.

It is our thing, thanks to our 25 years industry experience and our driving passion we set new benchmarks and expectations for our clients, their homes and their lives.

The WHY? and The HOW?

Curious? Need to know more?


Hear the interview with Sarah Heys on The Undercover Architect to discover:

  • how Sarah suggests you choose a builder, and what mistakes she sees homeowners make

  • what you should expect from your builder in the process of signing your contract

  • whether you really need to make all your selections and decisions before finalising your contract

  • what building in a climate region like Maitland’s requires for design and materials

  • how to consider double glazing and BASIX assessments on your project

  • what the differences are for homeowners and builders when their project is in a regional location

We are the change

Come join us


The Built Element is a boutique building company founded in 2014.

Our mandate is socially driven, to construct livable and sustainable spaces.

We collaborate with our clients and our network to use all our resources wisely, effectively and deliberately to build the best fit for purpose sustainable homes.

Sarah, our founder and director has 25 years construction experience in the commercial and residential building sectors, on a vast array of projects, she now brings this knowledge to The Built Element projects. Sarah’s passion is sustainable design and construction. To build better is not hard, but there are a complex number of factors that all must align, for it to be a well resolved build.

Good building is honest, it is sustainable, it is pleasing and functional, and it feeds the senses.

Sarah sees herself as a facilitator informing clients the why and how of best building practice. To give them knowledge to make informed decisions and build the best home they can within their budget, for their life, family and environment.

Sarah also recently founded the Builders Collective, a network of like minded professional quality Builders, who encourage, share and support each other to set new benchmarks of best practice in residential building. The Builder’s Collective adhere to our Mandate and Ethos in all their work.

Our ethos

Be the change

We are driven to be a good, socially responsible and ethical business.

We see that core ideologies and ways of being and living are shifting, people are realising that our systems are not working in harmony for them and the planet.

We want to put people back in control. The new economy is alive and flourishing, if you understand the current state of play you can work within it to make change.

This applies to our fundamental need for shelter which is responsive to our needs and the environment.

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We are located near Maitland NSW and are available for building projects in the Hunter Valley area.